Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Scope Creep Experience

I experienced scope creep in one of my instructional design classes. I was part of a group project. We each chose our jobs and were assigned a list of duties to complete for the project. Everything seemed to go well in the beginning. All group members were eager to do their part. However, I noticed some warning signs immediately.

Some group members were never available to attend meetings. This would lead to communication problems among our group members. Those who depended on the work of other members in the group found they could not do their part because someone else failed to complete their portion. The rest of the group did not find out there was an issue until it was too late.

The week our project was due some members began suggesting that we change certain parts of the project to go in a different direction. It was very frustrating because they wanted to implement a lot of last minute changes that would require other members to re-vamp work they had already completed. If I was managing the project, I would have connected with each group member weekly and ensured that those who needed to complete their assignments simultaneously with other members would have successfully met with one another. I would have immediately shut down any proposals to re-vamp completed sections. I would have found ways to solve problems with sections without having to re-do the entire project in such limited time.

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