Saturday, November 5, 2016

Learning from a Project Post Mortem

I once worked with a group of classmates on a class project. Our project was supposed to teach young children about health food. I believe we all went into the project with the best of intentions, however the final project fell short of our desired outcomes.

Our group decided to split up the project assignments among each member. We also met at least once a week to present what we had worked on to the entire group. Everything seemed to be going well until it became clear that certain members of the group were not completing their assigned portion of the work load. Some members started missing important group meetings. Other group members had to take on parts of other assignments just to ensure that everything was completed on time. Ultimately, we turned in a finished project, but it was not as complete as it could have been.

The project would have been more successful if we had appointed a project leader. This leader could have kept everyone on task and held them accountable to project deadlines. Also, when we faced problems with other group members it would have been easier to address them. The project leader could have contacted them one on one to discover the reasons for the lack of participation. 

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  1. Group work can be extremely challenging due to different personalities, points of view, belief systems, work ethic, etc. Your experience with your group project is one that many can relate to. I think that your idea of having a leader to help keep everyone on track and address problems that arose with group members is a great idea. Choosing a leader can be a bit of a challenge also. It would definitely need to be someone who communicates effectively and is respected by all members of the group.