Sunday, December 13, 2015

Reflection on How I Learn Best

My view on how I learn has changed over the past few weeks. I now appreciate the fact that I am an adult learner in every sense of the term. I found that I can draw on all of my experiences even though they might seem unrelated. I learned it is okay to draw from my previous experiences to help me learn, retain, and process new information I am learning from this new field.
Theories, such as Connectivism and the Social Learning Theory helped me understand that although I am taking classes online I am still connected to a community. This community is considered a social setting the same as if I were attending a traditional classroom setting. I was relieved to learn this information because I have heard positive and negative comments about online learning. Some employers and colleagues feel that it is not the best environment for learning. Some also feel that it is impossible to experience any type of connection to the class because of the virtual environment.

Technology is a big part of my learning. I use my favorite devices, an iPhone, laptop computer, and Kindle Fire, daily to help me learn and process information. I often think back to when I was in high school and computers were starting to become very popular. I do not know how I survived all this time without computers. I remember playing games like Where is Carmen San Diego on the computer, but the Internet was non existent. Technology has made my life easier and how much I learn better. Google is a lifesaver because I can ask virtually anything and get the answer I need in seconds. I am excited for future technology and e-learning because it is a new frontier.

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