Sunday, November 29, 2015

Reflections on Connectivism

My network has greatly influenced the way I learn. I find myself learning from people and gadgets in my life where I never thought possible before. When I began my undergraduate degree I barely knew how to operate a computer. Ten years later I am glued to my iPhone and Kindle Fire on a daily basis for information. My son teaches me everyday about patience, persistence, and that the concept of learning does not have to fit a cookie cutter mold.
My Google Chromebook, Kindle Fire, and iPhone are the three essential gadgets I use on a daily basis. They are my connection to the outside world and a vast sea of knowledge. My Kindle Fire holds my electronic books from Amazon. As a Prime member I can borrow books, access documentaries, or search the internet. I feel lost without my iPhone. It provides immediate access to information. In less than a minute I can access information and data from around the world.
Whenever I have questions I usually Google them on my computer. I look over information from several credible sources and form my opinion. Sometimes I will look for answers on YouTube. Surprisingly, there are tons of videos on YouTube about many different topics. Lately, majority of my questions are being answered from reading blogs. Thanks to my RSS subscription with Feedly I get access to all of my blog subscriptions in one place. I am learning from top individuals in my field about instruction design and how to become a successful blogger.  A world of information has opened up to me that I was not aware of before.

My personal network supports and aligns well with the principles of connectivism. I access learning and knowledge from a network of diverse opinions. Much of my learning resides in nonhuman devices. I access information I need on a daily basis through my computer, iPod, and Kindle Fire. I make it a point to nurture and maintain connections with everyone and everything in my network. Whether that is keeping all of my devices clean and fully charged or constantly calling or texting friends and family every other day, I try my best to show that I value those who are my sources for knowledge and inspiration.

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