Sunday, November 1, 2015

Helpful Instructional Design Blogs

I am new to the instructional design community. I thought it would be helpful to provide information on three instructional design blogs I found helpful. Each blog’s creator has been in the instructional design field for some time. The authors are eager to share their knowledge and experience and network within the field.
Experience E-Learning is authored by Christy Tucker. This blog is very helpful in that it provides blogs about E-learning and Instructional Design. Readers can find posts with links to other instructional design blogs. Tucker explains her experience and steps taken to research and connect with other instructional designers. This is a great blog to reference if you are looking for a central location of instructional design blogs to begin your research
Design for Learning is a blog about the adventures in instructional design experienced by the author, Natalie Ladera-Kilkenny. This blog features information about education and technology from a comical perspective. Ladera-Kilkenny offers ideas and images for use when designing education content. This blog offers useful images to help explain the learning process. It is also a good source for acquiring instruction ideas. I imagine using this blog site as a source of support and information.

In the Middle of the Curve is an excellent blog if you are looking for a source of support and understanding in the instructional design field. Author Wendy Wickham describes stories of her experiences developing and delivering training. I appreciate how Wickham tells stories about her experiences to give her audience a view of her thought processes and how she works through challenging problems. I highly recommend this sight for anyone who is new to the instructional design field and wanting an inside scoop of what challenges designers experience and how best to overcome them.


  1. I have been reviewing Experiencing E-Learning authored by Christy Tucker. I find that this site is extremely helpful with a laundry list of contacts and tools used by those who have been in the field. For those of us getting started on this career path, this is valuable information to put in our toolbox. Then respect and communication amongst other IDs is another positive aspect that goes a long way when communicating and networking with colleagues. I look forward to joining the network to enhance my own career and experience in the field. A site to be shared!!
    David Graham smile

  2. Hi David. Thanks for sharing. Its definitely something to check out.

  3. Hello Joakima,

    Thanks for sharing the updated link!